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Monday, February 6, 2017

Vaccines are we giving too much and too often?

Did you know a 4lb dog gets the same vaccine amount as your 115lb Rottweiler?! As many of you know I am a huge advocate of titer testing dogs after their initial puppy vaccines (Puppy Rabies vaccine should not be given till they are close to 6 months). I have been titer testing my dogs and rescues for over 18 years. None of my dogs or rescues have FAILED TITER and needed to be reinoculated. However, Rabies is the law (unless you have a Rabies medical waiver in your state & a dog with a medical issue that passes like cancer. Check here if your state is included >…/states-with-medical-ex…. Unfortunately, a titer test does not count as a pass on the Rabies vaccine. Rabies vaccines and DHPP last a lifetime in most all of our pets. One of the big problems is NUMBER ONE our dogs do not need these additional vaccines!! Secondly, the vaccine dosage is NOT by weight, so a 4lb dog and 180lb dog gets the same dosage! Over vaccination can create host of major health issues like sarcomas (cancer), auto-immune disorders like Thrombocytopenia, liver failure, renal disease, and many time even death!! If your vet is more consumed with his own economics than the health of your dog, find a new vet! They took an oath "DO NO HARM" -- Prove it!!

Here is the February 4th 2017 Channel 12 Connecticut story on over- vaccination! Protect the Pets!!

Posted by John Robb on Saturday, February 4, 2017

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