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Monday, February 6, 2017

How important is a dog's diet?

Just how important is diet for our dogs?? I believe it's one of the most important keys to health & longevity!! Followed by only titer testing after initial puppy shots (other than rabies required by law), Avoiding toxic chemicals in the home, Avoiding toxic insecticides aka Flea/Tick "meds", & using RX drugs as band-aids! As a species appropriate raw feeder of over 13 years & owning a Canine Wellness & Nutrition Co. Consulting & Educating people all over the world. I know & see first hand the benefits of a balanced whole food raw diet. Not only can disease prevented in our dogs but a whole RAW food diet can prevent cancer in our dog & is being used to SUCCESSFULLY TREAT CANCER IN OUR DOGS!! I have 2 dogs in cancer remission currently thru diet alone! I recently learned of this amazing place in Austin, Texas that rescues shelter dogs with cancer & treats them with food alone, RAW FOOD & guess what they go into remission!! Makes me so happy!! So, NO drugs, NO chemo, NO radiation! This diet is a raw high fat, moderate protein with fibrous veggies diet otherwise know at a Ketogenic diet!
Watch world-renowned cancer researcher, Dr. Thomas Seyfried present success in treat cancer thru a raw diet & the reaction by of the top vet school.

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