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Monday, August 27, 2012

Friday, August 10, 2012


Oz's friends suggested I make a Oz the Rottweiler Calendar! 100% of all funds raised will got to Oz the Rottweiler Cancer Foundation

In memory of Oz the Rottweiler 9.17.03-9.14.12

Thank you all so much for your love and support!!!
xoxo Ursula and Oz

purchase calendar here

If you don't know Oz the Rottweiler get to know him here

Friday, August 3, 2012

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Oz update !

Oz continues to improve :) I am still keeping him very quiet and rested.. tomorrow i will attempt a very short walk so Oz can get out and smell the flowers :) He has a great appetite, playing with his toys, sleeping soundly, outside duties look great ;) , no vomitting, or panting... This is all great news! I pray that he has dodged this bullet and we have more quality time together! I pray pray pray! Sadly his cancer is back so he will be handled with extra special care to ensure he has quality of life until... My heart is shattered but I remain strong and optimistic for my best friend, i owe him all the best and all the love i can give... life is so short and i wish we never had to say goodbye... I am the worst and don't know how i will ever deal with not having oz in my life.....

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Prayers for Ozzy boy needed!

Oz yesterday after ER we rushed him to his favorite place, the beach <3


Oz the Rottweiler needs your prayers

Oz just celebrated his 6 month anniversary post cancer diagnosis/splenectomy on 7/29/12 <3 Yesterday 7/31/12 I woke up to a very weak Oz.. I knew something was wrong and rushed him into ER only to find that his cancer is back and has created new tumors and he was suffering from a bleed (his cancer Hemangiosarcoma creates tumors that bleed).... They gave him hours to live and told there was nothing more I could do! I called another vet that I have used over the years that specialize in cancer and rushed him up to Hermosa Beach to learn/get a belly wrap... This vets outlook was that he was not going to die from this bleed and he would recover giving him maybe days, weeks or months... My heart is broken, I love Oz more than words could ever express...
So we took him home and made him a cozy place in the living room where I am by his side throughout... He ate dinner last night, got up to do his business and this morning awoke with a big appetite, did his business, woofed at a stranger across the street ;) Came back in chewed on his antler a bit, groomed himself and now sleeping well having doggy dreams... This hurts so much and how i pray this is all just a nightmare i will awake from... but its reality and i would give anything to take Oz's cancer away and give him the long life he deserves... Oz has lived a very full life, even with his cancer and for that i am very thankful and lucky! He is not my dog, he is FAMILY! I will do right by Oz and do everything to assure he never suffers and that his legacy lives on... If you are not friend with Oz on facebook find him here to follow his story or you may donate at the top of the blog to help Oz <3