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Life with Oz - starring all my Rottweilers & rescues


Monday, January 30, 2012

Update on Oz

I just spoke with Oz's vet... He just finished his blood transfusion , his red blood count is holding and no heart arrhythmias post surgery. They have sent in his spleen w/ tumor and a sample of his liver to be biopsied ... We can visit him this afternoon and i can hardly wait to squeeze and kiss our boy!!!! there is no way i can explain how hard this is, Oz is not a dog or a pet. OZ IS FAMILY... i have been thru it before with my last rottie girl Ulla, she had Osteosarcoma. At this point losing my home and everything else is peanuts to health of your family.... I thank you all for your prayers and please pray that Oz's biopsy comes back benign... He has a chance and i will do everything i can to give him every fighting chance. He is a strong and healthy boy!
Thank you so much for your words! They really help us and Oz needs his friends support! We will be starting a Help Save Oz the Rottweiler and will find a way to give back to you!

the photo is of Oz last night before he went into surgery... He was so confused and scared..

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Oz is in ER!

Oz is in ER! :'((((( he underwent major surgery late this evening 10pm after they found a ruptured tumor on his spleen!!!! Hemangiosarcoma a very aggressive cancer...... i cannot believe this is happening.... why?!?!?!!!!!! I am very lucky that he is still alive tonight! i am dreaming that this is all just a nightmare.....This honestly cannot be happening! i can't imagine life without my boy.... we are losing everything right now but the one thing that matters is my Oz...... i LOVE you Oskar (Oz) boy!!! — at Southern California Veterinary Specialty Hospital.