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Monday, January 30, 2012

Update on Oz

I just spoke with Oz's vet... He just finished his blood transfusion , his red blood count is holding and no heart arrhythmias post surgery. They have sent in his spleen w/ tumor and a sample of his liver to be biopsied ... We can visit him this afternoon and i can hardly wait to squeeze and kiss our boy!!!! there is no way i can explain how hard this is, Oz is not a dog or a pet. OZ IS FAMILY... i have been thru it before with my last rottie girl Ulla, she had Osteosarcoma. At this point losing my home and everything else is peanuts to health of your family.... I thank you all for your prayers and please pray that Oz's biopsy comes back benign... He has a chance and i will do everything i can to give him every fighting chance. He is a strong and healthy boy!
Thank you so much for your words! They really help us and Oz needs his friends support! We will be starting a Help Save Oz the Rottweiler and will find a way to give back to you!

the photo is of Oz last night before he went into surgery... He was so confused and scared..

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