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Friday, September 28, 2012

ADOPTED! Doll the Pitbull Puppy needs a forever home or foster ASAP

OCTOBER 1, 2012 UPDATE -DOLLY WAS ADOPTED & WENT TO HER NEW HOME TODAY!!! She was adopted by a family friend of the foster, Allie. Great job Allie S!!! Dolly's new family has 2 kids and another Pitbull on 4 acres of lush land!! What a dream for Doll, she is finally getting the life she deserves ♥ I can't tell you all how happy this makes me!! Amazing this was all achieved long distance with Jayme in PA and Oz the Rottweiler in CA for a sweet lil puppy all the way in Florida! So cool!!

UPDATE on 9/28/12-  Doll has been transported to her foster mom Allie for the next 2.5 weeks and is in urgent need of adoption, rescue, or fostering.  Donate button below to help Doll. 

"HELP! This little 5 month old pitbull puppy named "Doll" was thrown out on the streets left for dead near Orlando FL and Oz's the Rottweilers "friend"Lynette on FB found her and took her in and she has been feeding her steak, yams, turkey and rice... No doubt the best meals this puppy has ever had and the first time she has ever received LOVE and COMPASSION.... Lynette has taken her to the vet and she need to be treated for worms and Demodex mange - all treatable. I will help figure out a way to raise funds needed for her meds. We are all trying to find this girl a home or foster ASAP! She already has 2 Rottweilers and her landlord gave her a 7 days notice if she didn't get rid of the puppy!! She was planning on fostering if not keeping her but now she needs to find her a home!

The ASPCA was on ZERO help and told her they would just put the puppy down!! To them she is disposable.

PLEASE pass on to you friends and lets give this little puppy a chance!! She is extremely well behaved and sweet as honey!! HELP!!"

Donate on "Oz the Rottweiler Cancer Foundation" at top of blog page to help Doll - All proceeds will go to Doll's vet and transport if needed. Any remaining funds will stay in Oz Foundation or go the Rescue the facilitates in getting her forever home

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  1. Aww I love this pitbull. I always see very healthy Pitbull puppies for sale and I'd love to get them all! We have had our 2 puppies for years now and they have been nothing but lovebugs!