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Monday, September 17, 2012

Rest in Peace my sweet Oz I LOVE YOU! 9-17-03-9-14-12

Today and all the days ahead are going to be so hard without you Oz... but today we celebrate your incredible life my lovebug!!! Happy Happy Birthday Oz my best friend and soul friend! I pray with every part of me that you have all you need and more above in the heavens... I hope there is endless swimming, vast fields with lots of motorcycle tires, convertibles, all your favorite toys to play with, antlers, your favorite foods like carrot cake, steak, watermelon and brocolli, cozy big beds, endless smiles and love.. The sky above is our window to see each other each and everyday until we meet again....i miss you and love sooooooooooooooo much!!!! I feel that you are still here and coming back, like this is all just a nightmare that I will wake from... I know there will never be a day that passes without thoughts of you.... Its so unfair that you got this dreaded cancer and I am so angry that I scream and curse it for taking you away.. I was sure you were going to break the world record for longest living Rottweiler :) never a sick day in your life before this....but how LUCKY and BLESSED I am that we found each other and was gifted 9 of the most amazing years of my life with you Oz ♥ Even though I can't stop crying and can't imagine a life without you i am so so so happy that we were granted 7.5 more months with you, that were all quality and pain free days!!! Your girl Lena Lu is doing a termendous job taking care of us and last night she waited for me at the steps the exact same way you did before going up to bed even thou dad was already up there...I know you taught her this as it was her first time... I see you everywhere Oz and today I bring your ashes home and I know that even thou it is you, you are actually with me in spirit everywhere.... I love you always and never ever forgotten.... You live on sweet Oz

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