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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tribute to Oz the Rottweiler by talented artist Skylineaddict

A must watch tribute to my best friend "Oz the Rottweiler" who got his angel wings on September 14, 2012.  Oz fought so hard but lost his battle to Hemangiosarcoma.  For a long time we thought he had beat this horrible cancer.. Oz lived 7.5 quality filled days. 

I am very lucky and honored to share this incredible tribute video done by the amazing artist Ankit... Speechless and forever grateful 

     Godspeed Oz until we meet again

 click here to watch

 R.I.P. Oz The Rottweiler
A little tribute to a great dog who I have never met, yet felt a connection to. I included three of my favorite moments of his videos from chopperGirlJune.

One of my favorite songs and Oz's song.. 

"To Be By Your Side" by Nick Cave 

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  1. I have seen many a clip of OZ and cherished every loving moment you have shared of his life... I just watched the video again, and sat at my desk bawling like a baby. Hub and I had to let our big baby boy, Demon, fly with the Rott angels last week and we are just so super sad. 11.5 amazing years with the best buddy in the world. Rotts Rule...
    Thanks again for sharing

    Flee (South Africa)