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Friday, May 22, 2009

Is Rawhide okay for my dog?

I have received many emails from many of you asking if it is okay to give your Rottweilers/dogs rawhide. My answer, NO. Do not ever give your Rottweiler/dog rawhide,sterilized bones, or smoked bones. These all can cause intestinal blockages or the sharp edges can tear thru your dog's intestinal wall or stomach lining. This requires immediate surgery IF you catch it soon enough and many times it results in death. Unfortunately I seen this happen to a very close friends dog... RIP BUGSY. 

Note- If your dogs stool ever looks like tar like in color most likely means your dog is bleeding internally and you need to get your dog into a VET IMMEDIATELY for MEDICAL ATTENTION!!

So,what toys are safe?
Oz's favorite toys include the Nylabone big chews and durable chew, along with Kong Extreme for strong chewers  I also have other toys listed under Oz's links -- these are toys that dog do not have a tendency to destroy. But it is always tough with a Rottweiler... Oz's favorite toy... a motorcycle tire.

If you start your puppy young on the right toys like Nylabones and Kongs that is what they will grow to LOVE them!! Oz has stock in Nylabone, Kong, and Zogoflex.

Please remember too that many dogs have died from also eating non digestible items like socks, tennis balls, golf balls, nylons, ect... so never leave them on the floor or unattended with puppies or dogs.  


  1. I hope You are aware that Evangers had their FDA License to manufacture Dog Food pulled last week. Seems the Bacteria that can cause Botulism has been found in their Canine Food Products. :(

    Merrymoore Kennels
    Timestamp: Sunday 14 Jun 2009, 00:05 --400 (Eastern Daylight Time)

  2. I didn't know.... Wow.. I can't believe it...!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I am very grateful for you alerting me! I just bought a bunch of the game meats yesterday..

  3. Also, people need to remember that sterilized bones are COOKED BONES, which you should NEVER give to a dog, as they can easily splinter.

    Love the pic of Oz with the motorcycle tire!

  4. I used to have a Rot. Her favorite toy was a 12lb. bowling ball. She would just push it around and when it got stuck in a ditch, she honestly picked it up by the finger holes and ran with it to the other side of the yard. She repeated this for hours.

  5. My 2 year old Rotty passed away yesterday. He had a golf ball in his stomach - for a period of time due to the decay of the golf ball itself - according to the Vet. They did surgery and removed the ball, which was successful. BUt they think the golf ball erosion caused toxic poisoning. He died about 7 hours after surgery. Sending him to UGA for an autopsy. Very Sad.