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Life with Oz - starring all my Rottweilers & rescues


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My boy Oz

My boy Oz. 
With this blog I am here to share my life with Oz the Rottweiler.
  I have spent nearly my whole life with Rottweilers and will always have the breed.  Since I could walk I have poured my heart and soul into animals...  Dogs have been my biggest weakness although all animals are my weakness... 
This is a wonderful breed but it is not for everyone.  They are an intelligent working breed that needs A LOT of ATTENTION, TRAINING, TIME, LOVE, EXERCISE, DEDICATION, and a very good understanding of the breed (let alone food and cost).  
I am here to share stories, help you with any questions you may have, and expand our knowledge in health and nutrition.  I am not an expert nor am I a nutritionist.  I have put a lot time and dedication into dogs and learning about what is best for our animals.  I lost my last Rottweiler to Ostersarcoma (bone cancer) and that started my thirst for knowledge on nutrition and health like CRAZY!  I also studied dog behavior informally for my own personal education. 

Simply put --  the better well being of our dogs.  


or don't get one


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