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Life with Oz - starring all my Rottweilers & rescues


Thursday, January 29, 2009


My name is Oz i'm 5.  I just love being me! I am pretty predictable... you know walks on the beach, car rides, sleep, eat, but I am a really cool rottie... at least thats what everyone says.. My favorite toy -  a motorcycle tire, i know pretty tough, right?  I love to show everyone how I can throw it around like its a paper plate!  I just love everything... birds, horses, dogs, even cats, whatever....  I'm easy... I'm Ozzzzz the rottweiler.  Oh and don't forget that I looooove the ladies!
Oh your wondering about how big I am...  well, I'm a big guy, 130lbs but i am in great shape!  No fat on me ladies, I am a rock solid.  Now of course I love to eat but not a treat guy..... Noooo thank you... I just don't like em.  Yeah, I know i know... big male rott doesn't like treats???  It just doesn't add up....  Ya know... I actually spit those buggers right out, once in awhile there is a good treat I might like.. like driiiiiied meat! mmmmmmmmm...mmmm or these really special ones my owner finds me!!!  But ya know since I was little guy I was started off on the colorful foods, you know rocccollii (my favorite), watermelon, apples, cabbage, carrots, spinach, tomatoes, thats what I like!  Oh yeah, I eat lots of fish, venison, rabbit, bison, chicken, rice, yogurt, cottage cheese, olive oil.... and don't forget my daily vitamins and liquid Glucosamineeee Chondroitinnn... however you say it....
I also love to do tricks and learn new things, after all I am a guy and I need to show off new moves to stay cool around town.  I am a big part of my family and I get to go everywhere - the mall, the coffee shop, the hardware store, the beach, the nail salon, boutiques, you name it - I go! If they say "NO" well its off to the next place.  I make new friends everyday and everyone knows my name!  People always remember me....  I LOVE the attention, sometimes I get so tired of the attention I just lay there and say to myself "I know tell me how great I am and handsome I am...." oh sorry... that was not very polite but hey i am a dog not a person after all... People always tell me how good I am and how they thought that dogs like me were not nice??? WHAAAAAT!!!??!!  We all know that I am a reflection of my owner.  She spends a lot of time with me and therefore I am a very good dog. I am not afraid or startled by the things that surround me, it's just my world.  

Life is so simple. 

When your loved, trained, and taken care of it all falls into place.... 


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  1. Oz looks exactly like our rottie, Samson. We got him when he was 2 as a rescue; and were only able to enjoy him for 5 years before he was taken from us. Sam loved to play with boulders, concrete blocks & a bowling balls!

    His rottweiler distinctive bark will always be in my heart.

    My sympathy for your loss.