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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Bordetella Vaccination for Dogs

I have not given Bordatella in years, thankfully the kennel I take my rotties to over the holidays knows it is not effective and just more poison for our dogs. In addition the kennel has been in business 14 years and never a single case of kennel cough. They board also board the SARS (Search & Rescue dogs) and other working dogs. Education is key.

"There are at least forty agents capable of initiating Bordetella so vaccination might appear to be prudent if it weren’t for the fact that only two of these agents are contained in the intranasal vaccine. This poor percentage truly makes the Bordetella vaccine a shot in the dark. The lack of efficacy is well summarized by noted immunologist Dr. Ronald Schultz: “Kennel Cough is not a vaccinatable disease”.

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