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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Belfast City Council - Video of Lennox temperment test

"The man in the video is David Ryans, hired by the family to do an assessment of Lennox without any prejudice. My understanding is that his assessment concluded that Lennox was not aggressive. His assessment was also ignored by the courts or not permissible in court. Not sure which one. Instead, the unqualified Peter Tallack's assessment was used instead. The other woman has been confirmed as Sandie Lightfoot.

Here it is folks. This video has been marked private and the file has been sent to me anonymously for your viewing.

The video, dated March 15th 2011, is of Sandie Lightfoot, the dog warden responsible for the chain of events that lead to Lennox's murder, and an unknown man. I work with dogs and I know them well, inside and out. I may not be a dog behaviourist but it's more than clear that in this video, Lennox is not showing any signs of aggression what so ever.

Lightfoot and the BCC must be held accountable for their lies and deception. They must be held accountable for thumbing their nose to the mass outpouring from people around the world that begged for Lennox to be spared. They must be held accountable for destroying the Barnes family and messing about with a little girl's dog.

Sadly, Lennox was murdered today at their hands. The BCC continuously claims that Lennox was a very dangerous dog. Rest assured, they are lying. Lying right through their teeth. These murderous bastards used Lennox as a big F.U. to the rest of us. Their plight to kill this dog was NEVER about keeping the public safe. I know that. You know that. They know that.

Lennox is being provoked in this video by the unknown man likely to get a reaction. To test his so called aggressiveness. Guess what? NO AGGRESSION!!!!

In addition to the pictures being shared worldwide of Sandie and Lennox together, now we have this. I urge you to share this!

Not only would the heartless bastards at the BCC allow Lennox's dead body to be returned to the family, they threw out his collar and refused to give it to the little girl Brooke.

Listen up BCC, this is not over. Not for a long shot. If you think for one second people are going to walk away with their tail between their legs, you had better think again. You have awakened a giant. This giant is on a mission. It has only just begun".

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