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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

UPDATE AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! Barely alive - emaciated Rottweiler found on highway

before :'(

This sweet girl named Mercy made it and is up for adoption see link below - she is in Illinois 

Penny Eims, Dog News Examiner
September 6, 2011 -
Hamilton, IL - Her body should be full, muscular and commanding - instead she has black fur draped over protruding bones.

Her face should be alert and confident - instead it is caked in dirt and dried mucus - her demeanor one of defeat.
here is Mercy now - after

She should be proud and regal, but her body is wasted and she is weary.

This Rottweiler was found wandering along a highway in Illinois - she is so emaciated and weak that she can walk no further than a few steps before having to lie down.

She is a dog who is broken.

Hoping to put her back together is the West Hancock Canine Rescue.

The rescue organization has taken this defeated dog to the Hancock Veterinary Clinic where she is being treated for her many ailments - the most glaring of which is her current state of starvation.

Those caring for her are hopeful that she will survive, but her condition is guarded - she is extremely weak and malnourished.

Please keep this broken soul in your thoughts and prayers as she struggles to overcome her maladies.

Anyone interested in making a donation towards her veterinary expenses can do so directly at the rescue's website or by phoning the vet clinic at (217) 847-3911.

Please indicate that the funds are for the emaciated Rottweiler sponsored by the West Hancock Canine Rescue.

note- i am not part of this rescue nor have i met this dog. I am just a girl that loves rottweilers and passing on Rottweilers that are in need.


  1. why didn't someone take that poor thing into their home and take care of it!

  2. wow i just found this i hope shes going well...we have a pair of rottieys that own us...breaks our hearts to see one like this

  3. I will adopt her if only I was in America! I'm crying. Why the great USA has so many bad cases of pets is astonishing!!! :(