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Life with Oz - starring all my Rottweilers & rescues


Monday, March 21, 2011

Oz the Rottweiler drawing by Skylineaddict

This is my Oskar being drawn by one of his subscribers on youtube who happens to be extremely talented! I just got the link this morning of the making of this drawing. He has a page on youtube "Skylineaddict" featuring his work. Commission him to draw you dog! and let him know we referred you :)


  1. Woof! Woof! That was an incredibly informative post. Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge regarding puppies! Proud doggy owners greatly benefit from reading blogs such as yours!

  2. will it be safe as having rottweiler as a pet dog?? please answer me

  3. @sachin - They are not for everyone and you need to have a great understanding of working breeds and training. They need WAY more than owner they need an experienced owner, love, dedication, time, patience, a leader, daily exercise, training, high quality food and lots of it and SO MUCH MORE.. They are wonderful dogs but most people do not have the time or knowledge to put into a working breed.. If you have never owned a large breed than i do advise against getting a rottie you will be in over your head.. They are extremely intelligent and expect their owner to lead, teach and love them. And are the safe YES! Remember a dog is a REFECTION OF THEIR OWNER.
    please read thru my blog along with this article. thaks